AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.0-1.2.13 use Hones Green Import Addon v 1.2.0

This add on helps you to import Honest Green product feed to your website.

It adds two default import profile into Total Import extension. You can refer here to know more about the profiles and here on how to setup Total Import cron job

Setup 1. This is the extension manual URL link button.
2. Turn ON to activate the extension.
3. Enter the desired order. It will sort the extension order.

Default profile Important Notes: You must run step total import 1-5 after loading the default profile. The default profiles only provide some known generic field mapping.
1. This is used to import Honest Green daily product feed: It is used to import new products, delete discontinued products. You should use this profile if you are importing the product feed for the first time as well.
2. This is used to import 2 hourly inventory update feed: You should use this to update Honest Green product inventory in your store.

Step1 FTP 1. Absolute path to file:
    1.1. Enter the filename if you want to download the daily feed.
    1.2. Enter wh_onhand if you want to download the per 2 hour inventory update feed.
2. Supplier name: This option is added by this extension. Select Honest Green if you want to import Honest Green product feed via FTP mode.
3. Select warehouse: Select the warehouse where does your order are shipped from. It will be used to download the filename too.

Feed import Cron job time set recommendation 1. Honest Green use EST as their timezone and their inventory update feed name is warehouse_location_ONHAND_yyyymmddhhmm.csv. e.g. PHI_ONHAND_201807230200.csv.
2. They usually upload the feed one hour after the feed name. e.g. Feed name PHI_ONHAND_201807230200.csv, it is uploaded in 03.00 and not 02.00.
3. They update the feed per two hours and start from 03.00-23.00 EST time.
4. You need to know your timezone difference in order to get the correct per 2 hour inventory update feed. We recommend you to add an extra 10 minute on the cron job time.
e.g. Your server timezone is America/Chicago, you should set the cron job time to 03.10, 05.10, 07.10, 09.10, 11.10, 13.10, 15.10, 17.10, 19.10, 21.10, 23.10. You don't have to worry about the warehouse_location and the date, the extension will automatically download the correct filename according to warehouse location where you have choose previously at Total Import step 1 page under Select Warehouse, also the extension will use the current date.


2018 - 10 - 01

Initial Release for Abantecart v1.2.10 - v1.2.13.